Health Check:

  • Evaluation of the air-conditioner in its current state
  • This includes checking the tonnage, the area and the materials/furniture around
  • Component check:
  1. Compressor check
  2. Condenser Coil Check (For Leakage)
  3. Control Panel Check
  4. Condenser Fan & AHU Motor Check
  5. Chillier Pump & Motor Check
  6. Main MCC Panel & Sub Panel Check
  7. Blower Wheel, Shaft & Bearings Of AHU Check
  8. Inline Exhaust Fan Check
  9. Split Air-Conditioning Units Check


  • A complete report would be provided for further action


 Preventive Maintenance:

  • A systematic inspection, detection and correction of failures before they occur
  • Designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability
  • Replace worn parts before failure


 Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):


  • Avoid issues by regular and proper maintenance of your system
  • Equipment may get damaged or malfunction because of dirt accumulation. Keeping a system clean will ensure optimal performance and lower energy costs
  • Considerable energy is saved when a system is maintained regularly
  • Increase the life of your system


Installation and Dismantling:                      

  • Proper Installation and Dismantling
  • Complete technical assistance and support
  • Complete survey for installation and scaling