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Be it your commercial air conditioner like VRV, Ductable, Package units or Residential units like Split ac and Window ac, any requirement with regards to Annual Maintenance Ccontract (AMC) of such units then please feel free to get in touch with us. We are pioneers in maintaining your units to perform at optimum and also deal in major segments of services. So if you are looking for a reliable Air conditioner AMC provider then we are the right company to approach.

We are specific in calculating the tonnage of the units with the cooling area and give best suggestions for optimizing the output of the Air conditioning units. Below are the Units and AMC services, we provide:

  • Split Air Conditioner AC AMC maintenance
  • Window Air conditioner AC  AMC Maintenance
  • Tower Air conditioner AC  AMC Maintenance
  • Cassette Air conditioner AC  AMC Maintenance
  • Ductable Air conditioner AC  AMC Maintenance
  • Package Air conditioner AC  AMC Maintenance
  • VRV Air conditioner AC  AMC Maintenance
  • VRF Air conditioner AC  AMC Maintenance

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract are been provided to these unit with 4 services in a year i.e. we would call you every quarterly for servicing to be scheduled and your units to be serviced.

Why do you need AMC?

Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC is a pattern where maintenance is been provided to a working air conditioning unit to retain it’s efficiency to cool the space and the most important point this covers is the preventive part where we would be checking the units for it’s functioning and monitoring any small errors to be traced and rectified soon to avoid the future breakdown.

What are included in a Routine servicing?

Servicing of the air conditioner unit covers checking of all mechanical and electrical components in an AC such as Contactor, Compressor, Condenser coil, Motor, Gas, Electric Circuit and all fittings also with checking we would be cleaning the Air Filters, Condenser Coil, Fan Blades, Circuit board, electrical components, Motor contacts, Blower fan blades, drain channel, etc.


Kindly feel free to contact us if you have any query related to the Maintenance of Air conditioning units.

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